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Friday, August 25, 2006


I have been meaning to set one of these up for a good little while now. I think it will be the best way for me to keep in touch with people instead of spotty email correspondance.
BONUS: I can post photos (and not push your email account over its limit).

So right now Sue and Don are on their way back from the University of Vermont, where they dropped little Tommy off this morning. I am here, frantically packing, Arthur is camping with the Ericksons, and Will is sound asleep after our busy evening.

It seems like every year on the day before I leave, we have a small accident that becomes a huge inconvenience to my parents as well as a distraction to all of us. Sometimes it adds (last year, at least) a little bit of humor to lighten the mood, and acts as a reminder of what constitutes a big deal. Last year, I backed the car out of the garage without opening the garage door first. This year, Will and I did one better.

We were at Friendly's last night visiting with friends and having ice cream at the one place in southern Maine that is open until 11 on a weeknight. He had just finished playing with his band, and loaded his gigantic amp into the trunk. After a great evening of laughing with old friends and saying goodbye, an interesting thing happened. We were rounding a corner (slowly) on our way home when we heard a terrible crack in the back of the car. Will and my other passengers looked back to investigate, and sure enough the amp had fallen over. Through the back driver's side window. oops.

And the culpritGood thing Will and I have August birthdays! I know what we'll be using that money for.

So I should probably get back to packing now. Or maybe review some arabic? The next time I write I'll be in Amman. YIKES!


Blogger Don Hamill said...

Hi Honey,

Loved your blog. Looking forward to your Jordan entries, in the spirit of T.E. Lawrence. Arthy and I are going to watch "Lawrence of Arabia" tonight in your honor.

When you arriving in Amman honey?

Love, Dad

2:58 PM


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